Installations in 2016

UK and abroad

Friday 4th Nov 2016: The Well spa, Oslo, Norway. With visuals by La Horrox.

22:00 Sunday 23rd Oct 2016: Montreal, Canada. Joel Cahen, Dopplereffekt, DJ Stingray, hosted by the Red Bull Music Academy.

16:00 Sunday 28th Aug 2016: Peterborough Lido. Tickets HERE. Featuring additional music created by workshop participants and various performances in the lido space.

25th July 2016: 7am - 9am at Tooting Leisure Centre, London. With Brood Ma. Ticket link includes breakfast.

13th Feb 2016 at Scarborough Pool, UK as part of Coastival. Additional sound: Matthias Kispert

6th March at Kentish Town Leisure Centre, London. Tickets have now SOLD OUT for all sessions.

10th April Athens, GR Borderline Festival

13th May Bretigney sur Orge, FR

Installations in 2015

UK and abroad

29th Nov 2015 at Kentish Town Leisure Centre, London. Two sessions SOLD OUT Doors 19:00. and 20:00 featuring live excerpt from Rebecca Horrox's new opera TEFFRADOT

29th Oct 2015 at Piscine Pailleron, Paris.As part of Google's Les Heures Magiques

6th Sept 2015 at ANTI Festival, Koupio, Finland.

1st - 2nd Aug at Standon Calling. Returning to the festival on its 10th anniversary to install at their swimming pool some Aquadelic artefacts for underwater listening, so while its kicking off outside the water you can dive into a dreamscape.


Thu 4th June 2015 Massey
Fri 24th Apr 2015 Evry
Fri 3rd Apr 2015 Juisvy Sur Orge
Fri 6th Mar 2015 Agen - à la piscine Aquasud - 20h
Fri 13th Feb 2015 Arpajon - bassin nautique de Arpajonnais - 19h Wed 14th Jan 2015 Nanterre

Installations in 2014

UK and abroad

Northern France

Presented for the festival La Quinzaine de l'Entorse
- festival arts et sports - Aquatique et aerien
organised by l'Entorse , in partnership with city councils of Halluin, Roubaix and Bruay-le-Buissiere

10th May 2014 Halluin avec Guillaume Hairaud
14th May 2014 Roubaix avec Guillaume Hairaud
21st June 2014 Bruay La Buissiere Lido avec Marklion & Alpage Records

France 2 national television news (21 June 2014)
France 3 local television news (21 June 2014)

photo by Anya Roz

photos by Ela Wlodarczyk-Pycek

Bretagne, France

12th-13th March 2014 in Vannes
14th-15th March 2014 in Ploemeur avec Antoine Scaviner


for more details scroll down
2nd March 2014 LONDON - Ironmongers Row Baths
Wet Sounds on the BBC

7th March 2014 BANGOR, Bangor Pool here

Larvik, Norway

Saturday 15th Feb 2014 at Ferris Bad spa in Larvik

British Tour 2013

UK and abroad

Wet Sounds to install in nine British cities this year!
GLASGOW (2nd June), LEDBURY (13th July), EXETER (21st Sept), DUNDEE (8th Nov), KIRKWALL (10th Nov), BRISTOL (15th Dec), LONDON (2nd March 2014), BANGOR (7 March 2014) BELFAST (4th May 2014)

More details closer to the dates. Sign up to the mailing list (on the right) or check back.


Newtoy is part of the PORTFOLIO scheme by Sound and Music.
The opportunity is to develop and deliver a new work that engages with Wet Sounds commitment to exploring the unique experiential potential of sound performance in a swimming pool space and the compositional possibilities of distinctly split sound system playback

MATTHIAS KISPERT and BEATRICE DILLON have been selected to create bespoke work for Wet Sounds in London.

Kindly supported by Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Sound and Music, CRiSAP, Exeter Council.


7th March 2014 At Bangor Swimming Pool
Music by Joel Cahen, Chaparral Andrew Hodges and I Demons. Underwater performance by Megan Broadmeadow
Over water performance by Lisa Spaull

In collaboration with Datrys


19:30 doors / 2nd March 2014 At Ironmongers Row Baths
Both sessions SOLD OUT

Presenting new compositions by Matthias Kispert and Beatrice Dillon
Lighting and visuals by Rod Maclachlan

as part of the PORTFOLIO scheme by Sound and Music.


15th December 2013 At Bristol South Swimming Pool
Tickets for both sessions have now SOLD OUT!

Sessions feature:
Joel Cahen with guest Arran Poole playing the bowed chime.
Noisician and texturist H
and a recent addition to the line up is Henry Collins formerly known as DJ Shitmat
Lighting installation by Rod Maclachlan
Co-produced by Qu Junktions and Arnolfini info here


10th November 2013 at the Pickaquoy Centre Pool.
Wet Sounds travels all the way to the Orkney Islands at the norhtern tip of the UK.


8th November 2013 at the Olympia Pool in Dundee as part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival
With a 'Improvised narrative sound' workshop on the 7th Nov.
Supported by D-Air and the Hannah Maclure Centre

Creative sound narrative workshop


21st Sept 2013 , at The Pyramids Pool as part of Unexpected Festival


Saturday 13th July 2013 as part of Ledbury Poetry festival
Guest poet and musician Ebe Oke

Exploring language, narrative and words split with soundscapes over two distinct soundsystems.


2nd June 2013 at Arlington Baths, Britain's oldest surviving swimming club
Part of Westend Festival
Tickets here - two shows sold out


Saturday 2nd March 2013 at Ironmongers Row Bath in Islington.
Two different shows at 7pm and 8.40pm
As part of the Opensound
The sessions are 60min long and present new work for the dual soundsystems

Session one | 18:30 doors | 19:00 splash - 20:20 dry
UNICAZÜRN (Stephen Thrower and David Knight)
OPENSOUND: Faranhaz Hatam (NK Berlin)

Session two | 20:10 doors | 20:40 splash - 22:00 dry
CANDY SHOP (Lina Lapelyte, Sharon Gal, La Horrox, Anat Ben David, Nouria Bah and Heidi Heidelberg)
OPENSOUND: Domenico Sciajno

Visuals: SDNA
Lighting: Insight

OpenSound is a pan-European project involving the exchange of knowledge between a number of partner organisations with the aim of introducing sonic arts practices to a wider audience.


2nd Feb 2013 à la piscine de l?Arche Guédon, place des Rencontres à Torcy.
featuring Electro-acoustic set by Joel Cahen with additional vocals by La Horrox.
Followed by Grégory Cervello et Guillaume Dorson in a Dj set.
Hosted by La Ferme Du Buisson and Cabaret Contemporaire
more details here

Installations in 2012

UK and abroad


4 Feb 2012 19:00-23:00
Piscine Pailleron
32 Rue Édouard Pailleron, 75019 Paris

Joel Cahen: Electro-acoustic and classical collage set
La Horrox: Voice and modulated electronics

Event page here
The sound is piped through two separated soundsystems over and under water
in the darkened pool, the listeners mix between the two as they move in and out of the water.
Hosted by Le Cabaret Contemporain


Sunday 19 Feb 2012 18:30-19:30 / 20.00 - 21.30
Arlington Baths, Britain's oldest private swimming club!
61 Arlington Street, Glasgow G3 6DT

Joel Cahen: Cinematic electro-acoustic set
La Horrox: Voice and modulated electronics

Event page here
Hosted by Glasgow Film Festival

Installations in 2011

UK and abroad

16 Sept 2011: TALLINN, ESTONIA, as part of Tallinn European City of Culture. Featuring Joel Cahen and La Horrox on distinct overwater and underwater soundsystems. Video projection featuring Crystal Video by La Horrox and The Committee by Cahen. The gorgeous spaceship like architecture of Kalev Spa lit by Heiki Parn.

18 July 2011: MACKAY, AUSTRALIA as part of Mackay Festival of the Arts. Featuring Joel Cahen and La Horrox on distinct overwater and underwater soundsystems. Lighting by Andy Rom.

8th May 2011: AARHUS, DENMARK as part of SPOR Festival for sound art and interesting music in Aarhus, Denmark. Installed at a great sounding pool and also hosted several tracks from artists from Nordic Sound Art collective such as Signe Lidén and Oscar de Carmen

14-15 May 2011: All Tomorrow's Parties at Butlins Holiday Camp in Minehead, UK curated by Animal Collective. Featuring three separate sound system at the swimming pool.

UK 2011 TOUR

27th Jan - 26th March 2011

Pierre Henry himself is not able to attend unfortunately, operating the performance will be his sound engineer Etienne Bultingaire.
LA HORROX joins Joel Cahen on the bill for an abstract mash up on dual soundsystem.

Spanning two months from 28th Jan 2011 - 26th March 2011, Wet Sounds installs at swimming pools at 7 UK cities. An open to the public event featuring a live sound collage by Joel Cahen which includes the deep listening gallery featuring new work by selected artists under the theme ReVerse. For more details about the 2011 gallery, artists and works click 'Listening Galleries above'.
In London, Newcastle, Glasgow and Bangor, Wet Sounds invites special guests to use the dual sound system, above and below the water, to create a unique live performance. The swimming pool is transformed to a darkened listening venue, the pool radiating soft light and the sound is split into two separate systems.

For the London date, Newtoy has commissioned the electronic music pioneer and accomplice to the the first Musique Concréte compositions, PIERRE HENRY to create new work for the dual soundsystem. The work 'Analogy' will have its world premiere on the 6th March 2011 in London's York Hall Pool in Bethnal Green.

Book early to avoid disapointment as pool capacity is inevitably low.
Only competent swimmers allowed in the pool. If you are not a competent swimmer you will not be allowed in the deep water!

Bangor - 27th - 28th Jan

Newcastle - 5th - 6th Feb
Oxford - 13th Feb
Glasgow - 19th - 20th Feb
London - 26th Feb
Brighton - 2nd March
London - 6th March
Birmingham - 26th March

Click image for tour dates, line up and times >>>
(image designed by La Horrox)

Lighting Designer: Johnny Goodwin
Sound engineer: Rebecca Horrox

Press Release click here

Accompanying the tour,
Newtoy presents a new commissioned work by J Milo Taylor at a select gallery in each city.


Composed and Arranged by J Milo Taylor
Mixed by Joel Cahen
An 80min sound collage, an audio retrospective, which weaves through different sound works throughout the century with narratives and ideas from some of the prominent artists in the field. It is an insightful retrospective into the craft of sound and its development as an artistic practice, from Edison's first sound film in 1895 to today.
Click here to find out where and when

The Wet Sounds 2011 tour is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, PRS for Music Foundation, Newcastle City Council, Tower Hamlets City Council and Oxford City Council, and is organised in collaboration with Bangor Sound City festival, Glasgow Film Festival, Fierce Festival (Birmingham), Oxford Brooks University and Brighton Science Festival.

Media Partners: Wire Magazine, The French Institute


Sept-Oct 2010

18th - 19th Sept 2010 at Piscine de la Durantiere

8th October 2010, 17:00 - 19:00

13th - 14th October 2010
Screening on a hanging screen above the water of Herman Kolgen's Inject with live soundtrack above and below the water.


Aug 2010

20 - 22 August 2010 Zollverein, Essen, Germany

Wet Sounds has been invited for three installations in the gorgeous pool at the industrial plant Zollverein near Dortmund.
As part of a week long International Syposium on Electronic Arts and as part of the events in Ruhr European Cultural Capital
Joel Cahen played live for three days through an overwater and underwater system. Additional live music by La Horrox.
More on ISEA Ruhr 2010 here



Fri, 16th July 2010: Joel Cahen gives a talk about Wet Sounds at The Culture of Rowing and Swimming initiating dialogues into sports and art at Oxford University chaired by Dr. Tracey Warr of Oxford Brookes University.


Sunday 25th July 20101.30pm - 3pm at Heeley Pool
Part of Cultural Olympiad events in Sheffield Link here

Standon Calling Festival

Sunday 8th August 2010 â??â??â?? Standon Calling Festival
DJs Spax (Resonance FM) and La Horrox playing Aquadelica and eclectic pool disco all day on Sunday. The theme is murder mysteries and classic crime.

London Fields Lido

10th July 2010
Summer afternoon at The London Fields Lido.Wet Sounds installed to a pool full of bathers and sunbathers. Live performances from Z'EV on percussion, FRANK PERRY on tibetan bowls, THE CITY SHANTY BAND a ten men acapella shanty band and JOEL CAHEN abstract sound collages to mix it all up. All throughout MAT HUMPHRY was typing passionate poetry at an underwater typewriter and desk.

AV Festival

8th March 2010 Wet Sounds at the Sunderland Aquatic Centre
10th March 2010 one of the highlights of AV Festival was Big Water

The sold out event hosted CLUSTER and :ZOVIET:FRANCE in a special gig through overwater and underwater speakers.
Curated and produced by AV Festival and Wet Sounds in partnership with Sunderland Aquatic Centre and Sunderland Council


21st Aug 2009 - 23rd Oct 2009

Helsinki (F)

21st Aug 09 at the Olympic Pool as part of Helsinki Festival
The sunny day begins with alternating sessions of sound art gallery and Aquadelica sessions and ends with a unique performance by surrealist Finnish musicians KEMIALLISET YSTAVAT and an underwater dance performance by JUTTA AALTO

Kotka (F)

Monday 24th Aug 09 at Uimala Katariina :: 13:00 - 17:00
Aquadelica session by SPAX and La HORROX including the sound art gallery

Stavanger (N)

Saturday 12 Sept 09 Stavanger Svømmehall as part of NuMusic Festival
Aquadelica session by SPAX sound art gallery and live performances 3pm - 6pm

Bergen (N)

Tuesday 15 Sept 09 at Sentralbadet
Aquadelica session by SPAX, sound art gallery and live performances 7pm - 10pm by ESPEN SOMMER EIDE (ALOG), MAGNAR ÅM and MAIA URSTAD
In association with Lydgalleriet and Supported by Bergen Kommune

Oslo (N)

Thursday 18 Sept 09 at Toyenbadet as part of Ultima Festival
Aquadelica session by SPAX, sound art gallery and live performances 6pm - 9pm
performances by JANA WINDEREN and MAIA URSTAD
In association with Ultima, Oslo Kulturnatt and Notam

Copenhagen (DK)

Monday 21st Sept 09 at Dgi Byen
Wet Sounds installs at Dgi Byen. An interesting circular pool and spa. Presenting a bespoke 30min piece by PETER ALBRECHTSEN sound designer for Lars Von Trier's 'Antichrist'. The mix was included in the radio show Soundsoup on resonance 104.4fm London and can be heard here:

Stockholm (SE)

25th Sept 09 at the gorgeous Art Nouveau swimming pool Centralbadet
Wet Dreams: a surreal underwater soiree. A co-production between Wet Sounds,La Horrox and The Hoochy Koochy Club. Performances in various areas of the pool and spa.

Trondheim (N)

Sunday 18 Oct 09 at Pirabadet as part of Matchmaking Festival
Aquadelica session by SPAX, sound art gallery and live performances, 3pm - 7pm. AUDUN ERIKSEN and ARNFINN KILLINGTVEIT present SNORKEL. With help of small propellers and light sensors attached to free diver´s arms and legs, data will be registrered and transfered through isolated cabels to micro controllers and computers. These signals are used to control the sound processing and composition structures inside of Pure Data (PD). The processed signals are then being played through underwater speakers.
In association with Matchmaking and Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre

Svolvær (N)

Tuesday 20th Oct 09 at the Svømmehall
Aquadelica session by SPAX, sound art gallery and live performances, 5pm - 8pm

Tromsø (NO)

Friday 23 Oct 09 Alfheim Svømmehall
Aquadelica session by SPAX, sound art gallery and live performances
In association with Insomnia Festival and Tromsø Kunstforening

The Scandinavian Tour was kindly supported by Nordic Culture Fund, Arts Council Norway, FFUK Norwegian Fund for Performing Arts and The British Council.


27th June - 22nd July 2009

Audio Cinema

Wet Sounds embarks on its second tour of the UK with a new gallery of sound art curated around the theme of Audio cinema :: narrative based sound compositions which immerse the listener in abstract sonic fictions. Click on Listening Gallery above to hear works by the curated sound artists.

27th June: Camberwell Baths, London. As part of Camberwell Arts Festival. 4th July: The London Fields Lido in Hackney, London. Part of Create09.
5th July: St. Lukes Pool, Brighton with a performance by Blue Orb
6th July: Stechford Cascades, Birmingham
7th July: Chorlton Baths, Manchester
9th July: Heeley Pool, Sheffield. As part of the pools centenary events.
10th July: Bramley Baths, Leeds. As part of West Leeds Festival. with a performance by Joe Gilmore
11th July: Picton Pool, Liverpool
12th July: Batley Baths, Batley.with live performance by Neil Campbell of Vibracathedral Orchestra and Astral Social Club.
13th July: Felling Pool, Gateshead
14th July: Carlisle Pools, Carlisle
15th July: Portobello Pool, Edinburgh
16th July: Nairn Leisure, Nairn
18th July: Bridge Arts Centre, Glasgow
20th July: Splott Pool, Cardiff. As part of Cardiff Festival.

22nd July: CLOSING EVENT at Clissold Pool, Hackney, London.
Performances through a dual soundsytem by
Francisco played a processed and unprocessed recordings from the Amazon while Stefano played vibraphone and a brick.
A narrative piece using voice, guitar, laptop, and found objects played live in an inflatable pool.
Written and Performed by J Milo Taylor, Anna Neil and Amir Shoat based on an idea by Anna Neil. Additional writing Clare Gasson. Sonic Fiction is proposed as a novel and new form of creative auditory expression. while drawing inspiration from electro-acoustic music and experimental radiophonics, text-sound composition and cinema, the work succeeds in defining its own territory as a exploratory extension of these pre-existing creative practices.A fragmented, yet strangely coherent sound world emerges populated by broken pianos, retro-futuristic industrial soundscapes, peculiar characters and a quest for absolution.

Wet Sounds appears as part of the following festivals: Create09, Cardiff Festival, West Leeds Festival, Heeley Pool Centenary Events, and Camberwell Arts Festival.

The 2009 UK Tour is kindly supported by National Lottery through the Arts Council England, The PRS Music Foundation and Hackney Council.
Media Partners: Cardiff Festival and Last FM

UK DATES 2008 - 2009

Standon Calling Festival

2nd August 09 Wet Sounds returns to the outdoor pool at Standon Calling Festival with an outside pool soundsystem as well. A live 7hr wet mix by Spax submerged the brave swimmers and divers in Aquadelica from the aqueous nebulas of his deep space five.

Sensoria Festival Sheffield

25th April 09 Wet Sounds as part of Sensoria Festival at the diving pool in Sheffield's Pond Forge Pool
Installed with videos by Advanced Beauty - a collection of digital artworks curated by Universal Everything and musician Freeform. These videos are physical manifestations of sound, sculpted by volume, pitch or structure of the soundtrack and for the first time will be projected and broadcast underwater Presented in association with Onedotzero.

Brighton & Hove Aqua Festival

21st March 09 at The Prince Regent Swimming Pool


20th February 09: as part of Discover Young Hackney at Clissold Pool. Session for 11 - 19yr

Brighton & Hove White Night

20th October 08 Wet Sounds as part of Brighton and Hove White Night with attendance of over 1000.

Standon Calling Festival

2nd August 08
Wet Sounds at the outdoor pool at Standon Calling Festival. A live wet mix by Spax submerged the brave swimmers and divers in Aquadelica. Won the UK Festival Award for Best Innovative Act.

UK TOUR 2008

6th July - 19th July 2008


Wet Sounds embarks on its first tour of the UK with a new gallery of sound art curated around the theme of Water and human interaction with it. Click on Listening Gallery above to hear works by the curated sound artists.

6 July - OPENING EVENT - London Fields Lido, Hackney
8 July - St Lukes Pool, Brighton
9 July - Bath University Pool, Bath
10 July - Moseley Road Baths â?? Birmingham
11 July - Everton Park, Liverpool
12 July - Levenshulme Pool â?? Manchester
13 July - Bramley Baths, Leeds
14 July - Carlisle Leisure, Carlisle
15 July - Leith Victoria, Edinburgh
16 July - Nairn Leisure, Nairn

19 July - CLOSING EVENT - London Fields Lido, Hackney

featuring live performances by
A fantastic performance by the masters of the surreal NWW and Andrew Liles, a summery chanson by Ernesto and a giant crocodile flinging rubber ducks to 8bit casiocore by La Couteau Jaune.