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BBC Television from London Ironmongers Row Baths March 2014 Here
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BBC Radio Oxford interview with Jo Thoenes 11th Feb 2011

The Guardian [June 08]: It's a bizarre experience, a bit otherworldly......The sounds are pulsating through the water at speed....With my whole body immersed, it feels as if they're hitting every limb. It's not like listening to music in the bath, with your head under the water: there the music gets distorted. What I'm listening to is razor sharp. It's astonishingly immediate, inescapable, and faintly perplexing. Article

Wire Magazine [Sept 08]:..succeeds in truly making the audience active participants - not only aware of the environmental sound but eagerly anticipating and enjoying it... Wet Sounds managed to bring a niche art form to a public space frequented by people usually ignorant or uninterested in that niche and display it in such a fashion so as to make them interested... Exhibitions dont get much more successful than that. Article

Wire Magazine [Sept 09]: Article

Mizled Youth: ...Swimming in water that carries an audible dimension is immensely pleasurable. Noise surrounds you physically. It is both highly individualising as you are wholly immersed in your own senses without the possibility of communication, and extensive as it carries your awareness out across the expanses of your environment... Exploring sound through a co-ordinated fluid, weightless movement. I suspect that it was rather like being in the womb. Article

a-n Magazine: The voice of a woman came caressing my eardrums, and the elongated vocal sounds she made, coupled with tinkling vibrations, seemed to travel from far, passing me by to go bouncing against the 4 walls of the pool... Id recommend.

Heat Magazine: Quite relaxing... really enjoyed myself. Article

Hackney Today [July 09]: Wet Sounds makes sound art accessible to the public through a unique listening experience. Article(p.7)

Hackney Today [July 08]: ...strangely evocative... magical... Cahen hopes to make this unusual festival an annual event. Lets hope he succeeds. Article

Amelia's Magazine: Relishing the intimate experience of being insulated by an evolving soundtrack whilst enveloped by water, This creates a much more personal sound, one that everyone gets to experience as if theyre the only person who can hear it. I was at turns hypnotised and delighted, disconcerted and amused... What other opportunity will you have to go to an art show in your bathing suit?

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