2018 Upcoming shows

• 1 - 5 March 2018: Wet Sounds as part of Adelaide Fringe, South Australia.
Sold out three out of five nights despite increased capacity.
Winner of the BankSA Best Film, Digital or Interactive award.

• Saturday 10th Feb 2018: Cheltenham, UK.

• Saturday 27th Jan 2018: Script to Sound workshop at The Wilson to develop a piece for underwater listening at Wet Sounds using the extrordinary collection at the museum. Cheltenham, UK

Underwater in 2017

• Friday 17th Nov 2017: An extended evening DJing and Aquadeliques at The Well Spa, Oslo.
• Sunday 15th Oct 2017: Heeley Pool, Sheffield as part of No Bounds Festival
• Sunday 8th Oct 2017: Ironmongers Row Baths, London as part of And What? Festival

• Saturday 1st July 2017: Withington Baths, Manchester as part of Didsbury Arts Festival

• Sunday 26th Feb 2017: Ironmongers Row Baths, London.
Sound by Joel Cahen with visuals by SDNA and underwater dance performance by Louis Clement Da Costa.

• Sunday 23rd Oct 2016: Montreal, Canada. Joel Cahen, Dopplereffekt, DJ Stingray, hosted by the Red Bull Music Academy.

New video


Video by Tanja Busking + images from underwater performance by Louis Clement da Costa from Wet Sounds Brussels

Some previous special Installations

Pierre Henry commissions 2011- Analogy [excerpt]

Pierre Henry - Analogy Underwater excerpt by Newtoy
A recording of a live performance of Pierre Henry's world premier of his piece Analogy for a dual sound system and swimming pool commissioned for Wet Sounds closing event of the 2011 tour.
The recording is of the underwater mix.
There were an extra 12 speakers above the water

6th March 2011
York Hall Pool, London
Mixed live by Etienne Bultingaire

Three tier sound installation at ATP

14-15 May 2011: All Tomorrow's Parties at Butlins Holiday Camp in Minehead, UK curated by Animal Collective.

The installation involved using three soundsystems simultaneously
with different content played through each of the separate sound spaces, three layers of sound:

/ Four speakers playing into the swimming pool hall space above the listeners. The content through the top layer merged with the natural acoustics of the room, using mainly low and low-mid frequencies, it sounded like a cloud of sound looming over the listeners.

// Four speakers on pool side floor playing directly to the listeners as they float on the water surface, the sounds piercing through the 'sound cloud' using content with mainly mid-high frequencies.

/// The underwater soundsystem, distinct from the content above the water, provided a separate space for augmenting the sound narrative above the water.

These three sound systems presented a split-mix three-layer abstract mash up and sometimes acted as a three-way speaker system (Low - mid - hi).

Main artist: Joel Cahen. Guest artists Grouper, Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 and Spectrum, and La Horrox.